Monday, 30 January 2012

How to get Backlinks for your site

Now that you have written your blog or post, you will have to make your site popular and relevant. You need to drive traffic to your website and have to get indexed on major search engines like google, Bing, MSN etc. Today in this post we will try to find out what is a backlink and how you can as many as for your blog or website.

Backlink is an important toll to drive traffic to your website. If you can get backlinks to your website from some reputed do follow websites then not only you will get some reputation juice from that website, your site rank will grow on search engine index and will receive tremendous good incoming traffic. However its not easy to get backlinks from these website unless you write useful, original and good quality content.

Other than this you can do the following to increase backlinks:

1. Social Media: You can share your blogs link on social media like facebook, orkut and twitter. One suggestion is that when ever you share suck link, please add a small write up to demonstrate what the blog is about.

2. Web Forums: WebForums are useful places where you can share your blog liknks and details. However, please abide by the rules and regulations of those forums and don't spam their posts. Only leave your comments along with the link of your blogs where it adds value and is relevant to forums topics. In order to look seriously about adding values, also share other people blog which you might think are relevant.

3. Different pages of your own wesites: Your own website may have multiple pages. When ever you are writing on any topic, please make sure you are writing several pages on similar and related topic. Once you have written those pages, you can interlink them.

Below is the list of sites where you can share your links:

1. Facebook - Social media website where you can share comments, videos, links and other things.
2. Orkut - Google Social media site similar to Facebook
3. Twitter - Micro blogging website to share link and comments.
4. HubPages - Site to create your own blogs
5. StumbleUpon - A discovery site which allow people to share websites and browse other websites
5. Digg - Social news site which allow people to share and vote on online blogs
6. Reddit - A social news site allowing people to share and vote links
7. Myspace - Music sharing website
I hope this post may have helped you to understand a few concepts of Backlinks and how to gather them for you website. Be responsible and happy blogging!!

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