Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Top 5 excuses to skip office

So you want to watch you favorite match but thinking what excuse you want to give to your boss to skip the office. We face this situations at least once every month. So here are some top excuses you can use but make sure you voice looks genuine when calling your boss.

1. I am not feeling well:  Most classic excuse and have been used countless times. Its virtue lies in its simplicity as no one question you if you are not well. However, advice is to not to use it frequently as it may go against you as a medical case. Once in 2-3 month is reasonable frequency.

2. My wife / kid/mother/father is not well : This is also a good excuse as they are dependent on you and you will need to take them to hospital. Again as advised above don't use it very frequently.

3. I am having loose motion:  This is also one of the good excuse as it involve a bit of funny side as well. People might joke a bit about you eating without control. However these jokes will go in your favor as your excuse will look more genuine.

4. Work late night on previous day: If you want to take leave on a day, then make sure you work late or at least  show that you were working late. Drop some official mail very late in the night as a proof of you working late. This will help you to make excuse that you are very tired and not felling well at all next morning.

5. Parents meet at your son's school: This is also one of the regular excuse you can make once in 3 months. Being a good father you have to attend such meet and no one should veto that. However please make sure you have a side excuse ready to give in case some one ask why your wife cant attend this.

These are the few good excuse I can think of now. If you have more of them, please use the comment box below.

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